DLH Pottery 

I incorporate stories, some whimsical, some reflecting dream and some quite literal in my work. My most popular designs include the figure of a dog who I was lucky enough to have follow me around for a number of years. No matter where I'd go in the house or outside, there he was. A natural little comedian, he often made me laugh with his antics.  

That was the start of my pottery that joined imagery from every-day scenes, often combining the inside world with the outside scene, incorporating a sense of place and story. In addition, I make forms which blend a vision of the natural world with that touch of whimsy. I keep my forms simple as I enjoy adding very colorful, highly detailed decoration. Each piece is designed to join the utilitarian to something that can decorate your living space. My primary medium is porcelain clay that is fired to cone 6 for strength to withstand the demands of daily use, whether in the dishwasher and microwave.

Life is about learning to be still enough to hear our own voices and to see what is around us. I try to incorporate what I see with the essence of things. And it's always good to add a bit of humor when we can.

Whether you're looking for functional pieces or a single decorative piece, I would love to work with you. Look through my gallery for a sampling of my work and contact me if you have any questions. 

My Work

The earth is a source of artistic inspiration and nourishment and I find great joy in being connected to it in such a fundamental way through clay work. I find that by centering clay, I also feel centered. It is my favorite medium because it has the potential to incorporate many of the art forms I love. Whether working on a sculpture or a functional piece, I'm able to join storytelling, poetry and drawing all into one.  


"Every time I bring home a new piece, family and friends want to take it home with them.  Dorrie's work speaks to us on various levels, whether it is something very organic or something that's going to hold a salad." -- Kris, Kansas City, MO

"I love the way she is able to tell stories in her pots.  And they often make me laugh." -- Debbie, DeKalb, IL 

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